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If we all do our part our people will defeat the only remaining enemy of our time - Poverty! The Diaspora must answer the call from the Tigrai government to help so people like Fistum help our people drink clean water and maintain a safe environment. Gorfu Remembering Gen Seare with Col Tsige wife of the late general! Sep Will ethiopian reporter ever know why he was killed and who killed ethiopian reporter Tigray regional government taking positive measures towards diaspora investment This one of a kind diaspora investment has faced many problems!

The absences of basic infrastructure coupled with the erratic electric supply have been the main obstacles but, the bureaucratic hurdles and inefficient labor forces coupled with a lack of capable factory managers have also contributed significantly.

Nowhere but only in Tigrai is a factory closed for 'environmental pollution' these days! The gypsum byproduct that was used ethiopian reporter an excuse to shut this factory for this long is the least harmful compared to all other pollutants in ethiopian reporter region!

Yet, ethiopian reporter, the factory imported a solution and it was taxed for importing the solution - only in Tigrai! We hope the current government is learning fast how to become a business-friendly government regardless who the investors are - Foreign or Local! Woyin: With Agew People Representative from Qimant during the "save the constitution and federal system conference" held in Mekelle - August What a convincing argument, if her witness ethiopian reporter call do not cause you discomfort to be an enabler of the current politicians then you are not human!

Opinions and Views published on this site are those of the authors only! Aigaforum does not necessarily endorse them. Click Here. Be Prepared! Berhanu Nega may not have said he will throw out Meles's remains but Andargachew Tisge his right-hand man has.

We know Tigrai is home to civil and well-mannered people. We know Tigrai will make sure even 'EZEMA' will be allowed to hold an orderly ethiopian reporter hoping this will help the building of a democratic society.

But, ethiopian reporter, Tigrai government security apparatus should be at an all-time high for any possible disturbance. Be prepared! Sep I never thought Ledetu is this naive and politically illiterate, ethiopian reporter. Of all politicians, I thought Ledetu was the best legal opposition politician in Ethiopia!

Not any more! How could anyone be an advocate for no free and fair election? Who is better to speak for the people if not their vote when it comes to choosing how they should be governed? Ethiopia is really on a no return path to destruction if Ledetu has become another "wutaf Nekai" as the digital soldiers say in social media to people who tip-toe to Abiy's government. Sad development! Zeru Hagos Sep TDA Mekelle Aug 23, ethiopian reporter, Violence against woman! President and Mr. Cuccinelli, what would you know!

TeKa Diaspora for Ethiopian reporter Mark Your Calendar. Current Events. Click Here Be Prepared! The enhanced service brings convenience to Netanyahu's Facebook page suspended over hate speech Facebook has sanctioned Benjamin Netanyahu's official page, after a post called on voters to oppose a government composed of "Arabs who want to destroy us all - women, children and men.

Facebook consequently disabled the page's automatic chat function for 24 hours. The Israeli prime minister has denied writing the post, ethiopian reporter. As you might have followed the news, Ben Netanyahu's facebook page is suspended for hate speech. What is ironic is that our PM tried hard to associate himself with Netanyahu as a close personal friend listen in starting at about minutes to the youtube video, ethiopian reporter.

That is a classic name dropping exercised by our PM. Is he trying to impress Ethiopians as if he is surrounded by "world leaders"? What is ethiopian reporter is that our PM ethiopian reporter praised Netanyahu mindlessly and Dr, ethiopian reporter. Abiy exposes himself as being a charlatan. Our PM will say anything to advance his own image instead of rolling up his sleeves and dig the country out of the pressing problems it faces, ethiopian reporter.

Unlike in Nigeria and Mali, however, civilians are not the main targets of most of this violence in ethiopia. Instead, based on the data collected by ACLED, conflict is mainly between communal militias and the Ethiopian security forces, ethiopian reporter, or between militias themselves. Militias from just four ethnic groups -the Oromo, Amhara, Somali and Afar-have been engaged in roughly half of all of violence involving ethnic militias since Ethiopian reporter ethnic militias, in particular, were involved in more than a third of the communal violence tracked by ACLED since Eritrea topped the ethiopian reporter of the 10 most censored countries in a report released Tuesday by the New York-based Committee to Protect Journalists.

In addition to maintaining a legal monopoly on Eritrea's broadcast media and control over state media journalists, the watchdog said alternate sources of information such as the government-controlled internet and exiled radio stations are restricted.

Let us see if the Harvard economist and KPMG deliver ethiopian reporter goods to Ethiopia and ethiopian reporter new neoliberalist friends they have installed. The much-heralded development of the past which the country was enjoying is arrested completely now, ethiopian reporter.

Here come the very same forces that held Africa in the dark despite its rich minerals and god-given wealth as its savior! We ethiopian reporter see! But, why is the Abiy government auctioning the country without a clear mandate to govern?

Isn't election around the corner? Why not leave such a ethiopian reporter decision to the next popularly mandated government? Read about Dr, ethiopian reporter. As Ethiopian citizens, each one of us started to worry about our destiny.

The country is going from bad to worst in every dimension, ethiopian reporter. The worst change so far is the failure to honor our pledge to protect and defend the constitution and constitutional order. The power, duties and accountability and incapacitated nature of the Ethiopian government to preserve peace, enhance development, ethiopian reporter, democracy, and good governance As a result, ethiopian reporter, hundreds of Tigrayans are unjustly held and languishing in federal, regional and secret prisons.

Steven Were Omamo, ethiopian reporter, acting U. Citizenship Teodros Kiros Ph. Sep 6, - The prevailing grave situation in Ethiopia calls for a serious examination of the political idea of Citizenship.

The time is now ripe to think deeply and responsibly about the meaning and practice of citizenship. I should now examine three interrelated ideas, which I will first examine separately. The regions that made up Federal Ethiopia have been mired in turmoil What do you think about Tigrai political leadership?

Where did Tigrai excel and where did it fail to improve? Have your say and make sure to make your points in a clear and precise manner so it is taken seriously Leave Your Comment Here!


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Ethiopian Reporter. , likes · 4, talking about this. "Reporter" is a bi-weekly Amharic and "The Reporter" is a weekly English newspaper /5(). ethiojobs vacancy Ethiopian Reporter Jobs ethio jobs. Rothstein didn’t want to wake mariemaripes.ga dream was too good. It featured his first wife months before she became his . Driver Clerk Job at US Embassy Addis Ababa, Ethiopia. U.S. Embassy – Posted by AddisJobs. Addis Ababa. Addis Ababa, Ethiopia. Contract. UNFPA Job – Policy/Advocacy Specialist, P4, .